Sanitary Rug



Floors are areas of accumulation of microorganisms, due to their direct contact with the World.

The use of sanitizing mats for shoe cleaning prevents the spread of viruses, bacteria and microorgnisms in interior spaces, thus being essential in the fight against COVID-19.


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Cleaning Instructions

1 Place 1L (2L/m2) of disinfectant solution evenly on the 85x60cm mat. Always keep the mat moist, repeating this process whenever necessary, in order to maintain its effectiveness.

2 Disinfect the shoes on the sanitizing mat (85x60cm) and then clean them on the dry mat (85x115cm or 85x150cm).

3 Whenever necessary, the mats can be machine washed at 60ºC. (Resistant to over 200 industrial washes)



Colors: Anthracite

Composition: Nylon 6.6 yarn, 100% Nitrile Rubber base

Tickness: 10mm

Weight: 2,7Kg/m2

Size(cm): 60x85cm, 85c115cm, 85x150cm

Disinfectant capacity: 2L/m2

Washable up to: 60ºC

Resistance to more than 200 wash cycles

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  Sanitary Rug 

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