Custom Spaghetti



Custom Spaghetti mats are the combination of the experience of ABSORVE® over the years, based on the Spaghetti, combined with the innovation and design of our team, thus making the Spaghetti even better.

All Spaghetti features adding customization, up to 23 colors without size limit, customize a durable and easy to clean carpet adding your brand, product or service.

Given its characteristics, the Custom Spaghetti mats represent an ideal solution for shops, restaurants, bars, offices, hotels or any other area which receives a significant number of visitors.


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Cleaning Instructions

1 Remove the mat from the floor or box.

2 Clean the floor and debris under the carpet.

3 Wash the carpet with water (Pressure machine can be used).

4 Ensure that there are no earths or sands in the carpet filaments.

5 Put the rug in place again.


Colors: 23

Composition: PVC

Tickness: 15mm

Weight: ± 5,5 Kg/sqm

Size: any measure


About us

With a modern production line and equipped with the latest technology, we produce custom rugs to promote effective and original way to your brand, product or service.

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